Kick off meeting of the project PNano4Bone

Oct 26, 2017

Partners from 4 European countries meet at EEBE (Barcelona) on October 23rd - 24th.

On the 23rd-24th October, BBT hosts the kick-off meeting of the European M-era Net project PNANO4BONE “Nanovectors engineered for plasma enhanced theranostics in regenerative medicine“, with partners coming from the Medical University of Lublin (MUL) and the Lublin University of Technology (LUT) in Poland, the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST) and the Université Catholique de Louvain in Belgium, together with the PlasmaMed Lab and the BBT members involved in the project.

The objective of the project is to solve the drawbacks associated with the use of scaffolds in regenerative medicine, such as the low proliferation of living cells seeded in the implant, the short duration of drug delivery when drugs are embedded in the scaffold and the impossibility to easily follow the regenerative processes once the scaffold is implanted, by embedding specifically designed nanovectors in the scaffold.